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Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor was born December 17, 1961 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City. He graduated in 1983 with a B.F.A. degree in Illustration. Upon graduation, Tim immediately went to work for the world famous glass studio Carved Glass by Shefts, in New York City. Shefts specialized in carving and etching designs into glass through sandblasting. After leaving Shefts, Tim set up his own glass carving studio. Shortly thereafter, he was contacted by Dennis Abbe, who was an internationally-known designer. He soon became the primary artist that Mr. Abbe used to carve his Art Deco designs into glass. Time has created etched and carved glass for many of the finest glass companies and interior designers in New York and New Jersey. His work is in luxury homes, restaurants, hotels, and casinos all over the world.

In 1995, after reading an article about The Federal Duck Stamp Contest, he became interested in painting waterfowl, and began entering duck stamp contests. In 1999, he met Adam Grimm, who would win the Federal Duck Stamp Contest that year, and again in 2013. Adam became a close friend and metor to Tim, teaching him all about waterfowl and much about painting. Since then, Tim has finished 10th in 2007, and fourth in 2014 in The Federal. After a 1 point- second place finish in 2009, Tim won the California Duck Stamp Contest the following year. This year’s Louisiana is his second win in the four state competition he has entered. He’s still working towards the elusive first place finish in the federal contest. After living in New Jersey all of his life, he has recently moved to Watertown, South Dakota to be near the wildlife he loves.

In 2013, Director Brian Golden Davis began making his, “The Million Dollar Duck” feature length documentary film, and chose Tim and Adam as two of the principal subjects. The film was an instant success at The Sundance Festival (held in conjunction with The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah) winning both the critics, and fan’s awards for Best Documentary. It was purchased by Discovery Channel and Lionsgate at the festival, and aired on Animal Planet in October 2016. It is available for rent or purchase on Itunes and Amazon.

Tim Taylor