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See Within

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See Within by Garnet Bernard LeMaire

36″ x 48″

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Having always loved the world of art, figurative abstract painter, Garnet LeMaire, contributes her own unique style and flare to the artistic milieu.  She specializes in the female figure with spontaneous, abstract backgrounds.  Her rich palette blends with vibrant color and contributes to the mysticism and soulfulness of her work.

Growing up in the small town of Loreauville, Louisiana, LeMaire was raised in humble circumstances. She enjoyed outdoor activities and learned to sew at an early age by observing her grandmother on her pedal sewing machine.  LeMaire later attended the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education. She chose teaching because of the fulfillment she felt while watching and experiencing students succeed and the impact she could have on the lives of children on a daily basis.

LeMaire has developed a loose style that is a composite of photographs and her imagination which allows her to creatively blend the two. “I am also inspired and motivated by other creative people, therefore, I enjoy spending time with other artists,” she claims. “It seems to trigger something in me.” This creative closeness allows LeMaire to experience an open artistic flow that has made way for her unique style and process.

LeMaire currently resides in Lafayette, where she is continually learning and creating in her at-home studio space.

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