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Holiday Open House 2023

You’re invited to our annual Holiday Open House, set for December 7 from 4 to 7:30 pm. Meet our featured guest artist Ann DuBois. Mingle with friends while enjoying wonderful seasonal shopping. And jingle with complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres.                  Barnel’s is also featuring a live ‘Painting […]

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Trends in Matting

When choosing a mat for any piece of art, I like to get to know my customer’s taste—whether they lean neutral, or like some color in their décor. Neutral Mats are Still Trending. Believe it or not, 10 years ago I couldn’t sell a white mat. Clients found it too boring or ‘big box store’ […]

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How To Hang Art Over the Bed

DO… for a straight headboard, center art horizontally above the bed, yet closer to the headboard or pillows so it feels like the two are a connected whole. Spacing between the headboard and art should be 5″ – 7″.  DON’T… center art vertically too, between the top of the headboard and the ceiling (or moulding) unless the proportions […]

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Hanging Art: Tips & Tricks

When hanging artwork on its own, and not part of a furniture grouping, consider: DO – Hang art at eye level, or about 57″ – 60″ from the floor. DON’T – Line up multiple pieces of different sizes by the top or bottom. Align the center points of each piece, which should again be about eye level.  DO – […]

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Holiday Open House Event

This year’s Holiday Open House features a wonderful seasonal shopping experience, with local artists Cathy Mills and Deborah Decuir in store. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet these artists, get the inside scoop on their creative process, and view their latest work.  Plus, we’ll have wine, hors d’oeuvres as you shop . . . […]

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French Matting + Proper Framing

We recently reframed a lovely piece of art for a client, and wanted to share both the French matting process, and the importance of using proper framing materials. Here is the original artwork, with fading French matting. Improper materials, such as a paper mat, can cause damage to artwork.  Notice the acid burn from original […]

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Holiday Artist Reunion Open House

This year’s Open House is a special reunion featuring seven of our favorite artists:  Lauren Sibley Brasseaux, Tanya Dischler, Garnet LeMaire, Linda Moncla, Agnes St. Amand, Barry Sons and Dailey Thibeaux. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet these local artists, get the inside scoop on their creative process, and view their latest work.  Plus, […]

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Making an Impact with Very Large Artwork

A large piece of artwork becomes a focal point in any room, and makes an immediate impression on the viewer. Whether that impression is positive or negative often depends on how the art is hung on the wall . . . scale is so important. As home décor becomes more minimalist, with simple, clean lines, […]

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