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Linda Moncla

As the oldest of six children growing up along Bayou Teche in rural New Iberia, Louisiana, painting was an escape that transported Linda into a different place and time. When the time came for a career choice she was steered into commercial art and studied commercial art at Northwestern State College in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and University of Louisiana (then USL) in Lafayette.

In the late ‘70s Linda studied oil painting with Millie McKnight and subsequently taught at the McKnight Studio in Broussard, Louisiana. After a year of teaching she put down the brushes and pursued a career in advertising.

In the late ‘80s she began working in the legal field as a paralegal. Needing a creative outlet and escape and using my knowledge of color and design, Linda began painting again. Watercolor painting always intrigued her and, once again, was able to escape into another place, the place of imagination and creativity.

Linda particularly love watercolor because it is an uncontrollable tool that she can only attempt to control. With watercolor, creating is almost an out of body experience.

Her paintings are inspired by the Louisiana landscape of bayous and swamps as well as the natural lushness that are seen in her travels throughout the south, having a love of water and its reflections, a theme she never tires of and continues to explore.

Linda Moncla