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Gentle Spirit Garnet Lemaire

Garnet LeMaire

Having always loved the world of art, figurative abstract painter, Garnet LeMaire, contributes her own unique style and flare to the artistic milieu.  She specializes in the female figure with spontaneous, abstract backgrounds.  Her rich palette blends with vibrant color and contributes to the mysticism and soulfulness of her work.

Growing up in the small town of Loreauville, Louisiana, LeMaire attended the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education. She chose teaching because of the fulfillment she felt while watching and experiencing students succeed and the impact she could have on the lives of children on a daily basis.

Her need for creativity in the classroom opened her mind to the world of art that ultimately changed the direction of her life. LeMaire enjoys researching processes and techniques and has attended many workshops over the years to gain perspective. She has gained knowledge in and experimented with oils, acrylics, charcoal, encaustics, and collage.  LeMaire has developed a loose style that is a composite of photographs and her imagination which allows her to creatively blend the two.

Artist’s Statement:

In my studio is where I find solace, freedom from responsibility; where I am free to express my love for art with no limitations…

Pushing the boundaries of creativity is what I enjoy most!  My paintings are typically a composite of a photograph and my imagination where I creatively blend the two.  Not being bound to specific shapes or colors but rather having the freedom to use my creative spirit is what I relish.  Being intrigued by line and shape, it was instinctive to be drawn to figurative art where my female figures appear soft and gentle but have an obvious mysterious edge.  My love for figurative art carries over to my abstract work where the sensual line and shape is evident again in hopes of stirring the curiosity of viewers, perhaps transporting them to a familiar, soothing place.

Having a passion for heavy texture, I begin by building layers using various acrylic mediums.  Working on a flat surface, I utilize both brushes and palette knives manipulating oils, acrylics, inks, and charcoal.  Using a loose style, I apply paint sometimes tilting, dripping and spraying which frees my imagination, and the composition comes to life in a soulful movement, giving me direction.

I strive to create art that will enrich the quality of life for myself and others and that will inspire a desire to create by pushing the boundaries of creativity.