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artist photo

Cathy Mills

Artist’s Statement:

Moss hung from the massive oak trees and drifted in the slight breeze. The air was heavy with humidity and the bayou slipped quietly by. I sat by my mother’s side in the magical environment of New Orleans City Park. We would go there so that my mother could capture scenes of vivid greens, creamy whites, and luscious browns on Masonite. Her brushes, paints, and cleaning materials were held in a small wooden box with latches. Just the sight of it excited me. This is where and when I caught my vision and passion for art. For me, nature’s elements mimic inner dimensions, physically and emotionally. These include my newest passion representing birds in clay – playing, animated, expressive birds. They represent the very pulsing beat of life. These appear in my work as symbols of exploration and growth, telling my stories and allowing viewers to connect their own stories. My hope is that viewers find a connection that brings them joy.