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Ann DuBois

Ann DuBois was born in Church Point, Louisiana and found her love for art there. She studied art at what is now University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she focused on Art Education and Graphic Design. She married and settled in Lafayette, making this beautiful area her home.

“Being an art teacher in Lafayette Parish since 1987 has brought me joy and I have truly learned something new almost every day of my career.” She also likes to challenge herself to create through experiments with new media and exploring various artistic, less traditional avenues. Painting has become her favorite form of expression, with Acadiana and the surrounding areas across the South offering constant inspiration.

Artist’s Statement:

I draw inspiration from the beautiful marsh lands that feed our bodies and our souls here in Louisiana. Fish, birds and other wildlife of the area are common in my work and many of my pieces are finished on reclaimed wood such as old fence pieces or antique cypress doors. I also love painting the beautiful marsh landscape in all its glorious forms…sometimes clear and crisp as a January morning, other times, abstracted, as through an April fog. Painting on a variety of surfaces … wood, canvas, paper… allows me to work with different effects in my search for a worthy depiction of what I see around me. My hope is that by enjoying my artwork, the viewer might be inspired to catch a glimpse of a little marsh life in person.

Marsh Life. La Vie Des Marais.