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When choosing a mat for any piece of art, I like to get to know my customer’s taste—whether they lean neutral, or like some color in their décor.

Neutral Mats are Still Trending.

Believe it or not, 10 years ago I couldn’t sell a white mat. Clients found it too boring or ‘big box store’ looking. That trend has certainly reversed; and though neutrals are still a top choice, we are seeing pops of color in interior/exterior mats.

DO:  Neutrals are still great when you have a busy piece, or a busy background.
DON’T:  Choose a larger mat that pulls the main color in the piece to avoid being too matchy-match. Instead, add a pop of color that pulls out an obscure color from the art. 
DO:  Mat color(s) should be chosen from within the piece, not within the room, to keep it timeless.
DO:  Add a wow factor with color!  Just look at these fabulous mat options that add a punch to more traditional art.

Colorful Mats are Making a Comeback.

You have so many options with a custom frame beyond just a white mat, black frame.  Let us create the right combination that speaks to you!
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