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DO… for a straight headboard, center art horizontally above the bed, yet closer to the headboard or pillows so it feels like the two are a connected whole. Spacing between the headboard and art should be 5″ – 7″. 
DON’T… center art vertically too, between the top of the headboard and the ceiling (or moulding) unless the proportions of art are exactly relative to the  area above.  This makes the art look ‘off’, and without character. In the example below, though the photo cuts off, there’s clearly lots more space above the art. 
DO… with a camel or rounded headboard, use two or three pieces  that complement the shape.  The size of the art will depend on the height of the ceiling.  Again, it’s all about scale, and bringing all elements into proportion with the bed display, and not centered on the wall.
DON’T… place art all in one line with other mouldings, curtain rods, and other artwork. You want the visual interest.  If nothing is higher or lower, then it becomes all the same . . . and what is your focal point? This photo is a great way to show the importance of proportion.
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