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Over the course of April, Alethea has graciously invited customers into her home, offering tips and explanations on art, framing and more. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Barnel’s went live on Instagram or Facebook, giving many people a chance to see what makes a house a home, and how to make theirs sing. We have been extremely grateful for all of the support and loving comments. Stay tuned to see this live series move into the shop!

Alethea’s debut! Here she walks through her seating area and each piece that makes it meaningful.

Now, Alethea moves along to the foyer, where she explores her own gallery wall composed of various vacation souvenirs.

The other side of the foyer is explored with a hands-on explanation of water gilding and the process of frame selection.

How to hang your own gallery wall and why technique is important. A living room grouping of six meaningful Norman Rockwell pieces.

Completed gallery wall! We’re showing off a series of 14 (FOURTEEN!) Norman Rockwell prints in an unusual hanging configuration; plus more.

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