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spring decor refresh

With the unseasonably warm weather heralding an early spring, many of us begin to plan for a good spring-cleaning and décor refresh. This includes the standard changing out of winter accessories, putting away the heavy throw blankets and pillows, and bringing in bright pops of color, of course, but consider these additional options:

1. Add a bright fine art accessory or two. Taking out your beautiful (but temporary) Easter items is wonderful, but consider some light, spring-like pieces that will take you all the way through August. Bright glass works, vases, candleholders, sculpture, and pottery will revitalize any room.

2. Update your existing artwork. It’s easy to look past this straightforward solution for a home refresh—change the mat(s), or the frame, or both on your favorite piece of art to give it, and your décor, a bold new look.

3. Rethink your art and accessory arrangements. The obvious place to start is the mantel, bookshelves and accent tables. In addition to adding some colorful new pieces, bring in a touch of the outdoors with flowers, branches, seashells, and fruit. Then shake it all up with a rearrangement of accessories and artwork to breathe new life into your home.

4. Add a stunning new statement piece. Though small works with  summery landscapes, beach scenes, and flowers are a terrific way to transition your home to spring, give any room a shot of adrenaline with a colorful statement piece of art that really speaks to you.

5. Replace an older set of drapes.   Considered artwork for your windows, a new set of custom drapes or blinds creates an entirely new milieu as if by magic.

Barbara and Alethea are experts at any home refresh; from selecting a few accessories to a total room makeover with new art and accessories perfectly placed.

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