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Barnel's vignette1. More than style

Selecting a frame should certainly take into account color and a material . . . but also where the work will be displayed. Though we highly recommend framing to the style of the piece, and not the room, it is helpful if we have an understanding of the other works of art within line of sight, as well as the wall color. Photos of the intended space provide great insight!


2. Location, location

Beyond style, the frame can help protect your art from damage and degradation, so it’s important to let us know the intended location of the piece. Art placed over a fireplace, or in or near a bathroom or window, will need extra special care.


3. Glass matters

The choice of glazing matters just as much—or more—than the design of the frame itself. UV filter in the glazing can be used to protect works from this most damaging form of light that might cause color to fade. We also want to choose a low-reflective material that won’t interfere with the surface of the work when it’s displayed. If weight and fragility is a concern, especially in a business space, there is an acrylic we use that reduces weight significantly. We weigh all these factors, along with the cost, in making glass recommendations.


4. Consider the history

The period of the artwork is a key factor in choosing a frame. Knowing it’s history, and perhaps how it’s been framed in the past, is vital to maintaining the integrity of the piece. Sometimes, too, an original frame can be salvaged; we recently custom framed an original Drysdale, but kept the original painted wood frame as the matting.


5. Beyond the conventional

Sometimes, a work calls for a truly unique framing solution to bring the WOW factor. A bright color, unusual shadow box, deep textures, hand-painted and French matting can all create a stunning, and highly personal, visual display.


6. Consider sculpture

We have many sculptural pieces for your wall, particularly some wonderful originals by Deborah Luke We Are Each Of Us Angelsthat don’t require framing. Of course, any well-placed, functional art—from glass to pottery—can balance and complete the look of any home or business.



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