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If your artwork has been subjected to flood water, or even excess moisture, there are steps you can take now to help control or stop damage. Time is of the essence!

Photos: need to be removed from plastic sleeves, old photo albums, photo frames IMMEDIATELY. Once they dry they’ll stick and may not be able to be restored. You may be able to scan and Photoshop them in the sleeves, however, so don’t throw them out yet.

Framed artwork: must be removed from the package. Even if the art package only seems damp it needs to be evaluated. Keep in mind, once the foamboard (backing board) get moisture in it, it will continue to absorb like a sponge. The damage can occur just with the humidity in the air. It doesn’t always need to be saturated in water.

Although we are not conservators, Barnel’s would be glad to put you in contact with both textile and paper conservators. Bring your piece in and we can inspect and evaluate it at no charge, and point you in the right direction. Barnel’s can also create an official, detailed description of the value, and/or replacement value, of your framing and art as required by some insurance companies.

For more detailed information, download a Disaster Recovery pdf from the Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts.

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